Dead And Angry

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Computer Graphics, Games

That is the spooky title we gave to a demo game we’ve made at the URJC.

This game has been made by a team of 4 people (which includes me) with no prior knowledge of Unreal Development Kit.

It features custom models, AI, sceneries, UI, cinematics, gameplay and a mutiplayer mode.

In my opinion, UDK can be an extremely sweet tool for artists and designers but it can also be a pain to programmers (let’s recall that I’m talking about the free UDK version) due to the lack of consistent and well-organized documentation and examples. But in the other hand, the community is very active and responsive.

All I have to say is that we’ve learned a lot about the whole process of making a game, especially about how important the preproduction is. And how many features you have to prematurely trash due to deadlines.


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