Devil’s Mine strikes back! (Now in 3D!)

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Computer Graphics

I have just made a new video of the devil’s mine using the relatively recent feature of YouTube, the 3D player.

The coolest thing about it is that the video is uploaded in side by side (only horitzontal I guess), and the player lets you choose your favorite viewing mode (anaglyph with 3 pairs of colors, interlaced (best for LG 3D Cinema TV’s), or the ubiquitious side-by-side).

Click here to view the video in the YT 3D player

The technical term for the so-called 3D is in fact stereoscopy. (i.e: when two images, one for each eye are produced, transmitted and rendered instead of one). And contrary to the popular belief is pretty simple to implement and it’s not rocket science. In fact the first stereoscopic movies (anaglyph) were born in the early 50s! (do you remember that guy with anaglyph glasses in Back to the Future? XD).

However it can be very tricky to get it right



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