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Time to move on!.  Earlier this year I switched to a new job at BlitWorks. BlitWorks is a games port specialist. We work with systems as classic as the SEGA Dreamcast, SEGA Genesis/Megadrive or as new as the PlayStation®4 system.

I work as a part of a highly talented and experienced team in projects as high-profile as the insanely wild indie platformer Spelunky or as well-known and loved as SEGA’s Jet Set Radio or Sonic CD !.

Challenging, exciting, hard yet rewarding work. I’m frankly delighted to be working with such an array of classics of the videogames history and being a part of such an amazing team!

BlitWorks is a spin off of Blit Software.

Now enjoy a few videos of these all-time classics in their BlitWorked versions 🙂 :

(Note: The first video is the promo trailer of Spelunky, not actual in-game footage of the version we worked on)


New job!

Posted: August 23, 2011 in News

I’ve been recently recruited by Gameloft’s Madrid studio.

Gameloft is one of the major game producers for Mobile Phones and handheld devices such as the Nintendo DS. With 20 development studios around the world, they have sold more than 20 million games only via Apple’s App Store.

One thing I specially like about Gameloft is their licenses (Assassin’s Creed, Spider Man, NFL, Sonic Unleashed …).

 The Madrid studio is located at a privileged place in the center of the city and is 1 year old. Looks like they’ve been hiring people for the recently open studio ever since, and they keep growing!

The Barcelona studio is older and has produced games based on remarkably important licenses like the handheld version of the game based on James Cameron’s Avatar.

Needless to be said, I’m pretty excited about this and looking forward to start making games!

There was one thing that prevented me from accepting any work offers. I have to make my Master’s final project, but I have a plan :-D, so stay tuned!